Grace Penney

January 2023

Grace has been with us for the last 6 months, working as a DSP in the Life Skills room. When she isn’t working, Grace likes to spend her time drawing, reading, painting, and thrifting. When asked why she enjoys working at the DAC, she says “All of my previous jobs have been focused on production or sales. Now I get to go to work, connect with individuals, work with my amazing coworkers, and feel like I’m making a positive impact!”

Fun tidbits about Grace

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? “Reading minds.”

Favorite quote: “To thine own self be true.”

What is something you’ve never done, but would like to do? “See the Northern Lights!”

What is one food you wish had zero calories? “Pizza”

What is your favorite season and why? “Spring! Winter is over!”

What is your favorite television show? ” Attack on Tim”

What household chore do you like the least? ” Washing windows”

One item she wished she owned but doesn’t is “Le Creuset dutch oven.”

Why her coworkers believe she deserves to be employee of the month:

“She works well with the individuals in Life Skills. She is a wonderful asset to the DAC (since she has been here only 6 months). She drives routes when needed and will do what is asked of her. She also finds things to do when work is slow.”

“Grace is kind, understanding, and shows a lot of patience. She is easy to talk to and does her job well. The individuals enjoy being around her.”

“Grace is always giving 100% at everything she does. She’s always willing to step in and help with any situation. The individuals all love her. She definitely deserves this!!! ❤️”

“Helpful, kind, great with the individuals, and always willing to help out.”

“She always stays busy, is so incredibly helpful all the time, and the individuals love her. I absolutely LOVE working with Grace. I could go on for a while about how great she is, but I’ll sum it up by saying she’s an AMAZING coworker, staff, and friend 😊”

“She goes above and beyond to support the individuals. Grace did a great job with the Christmas party and is dedicated to the work she does. She always makes sure the individuals have something to work on and keeps on top of scheduled routines.”

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