Sami Marino

August 2021

Sami has worked at the Winona DAC for 2 years and has newly been promoted to a Workroom Supervisor. When Sami isn’t at work she can be found, impersonating the Koolaid man. (Yes, really. Need a wall taken down, call Sami!) She enjoys working at the DAC because of all the amazing people she has gotten to know and build relationships with. “These are the best people I’ve met!”

A little bit of fun knowledge about Sami, by Sami:

If she could be any animal she would be a starfish. Why? Because she is already halfway there-she is a star! (Don’t worry Sami, we all agree!)

If she could have a superpower she would like to stop time so she could nap whenever she wanted.

Her favorite quote is, “Just keep swimming.”

If there were to be a movie titled based on her life it would be titled, “What a woman.”

Why her coworkers believe she deserves to be employee of the month:

“She has shown how dedicated she is to making sure the individuals always have the help they might need and always willing to go the extra mile to get work done.”

“She is dedicated to her work and helping others when needed. She is fun, bubbly, and willing to learn. She is positive and has a great attitude. She communicates with both staff and individuals daily.”

“She has been working her butt off here at the DAC since she has come back over the COVID leave period. Keep rockin’ Sami and congrats as the Workroom Supervisor. You will kick butt!”

“She is always going above what is expected of her. She has such a good attitude and relationship with the individuals she works with.”

“She is always smiling and friendly to everyone. Wonderful with our individuals and always willing to help out. Love ya Sami.” (Also, a super cute little person holding the heart.)