The Winona DAC is a Day Training and Habilitation facility located in Winona, MN that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Winona DAC provides individualized programs that are designed to enable people to do constructive, meaningful work, earn paychecks, and pay their bills; improve communication and social skills; and enhance their lives through recreation and physical activities. The Winona DAC currently provides support to 69 individuals with developmental disabilities. The individuals range in age from 18 to the elderly and reside throughout Winona County.

There are currently 33% of individuals at the Winona DAC working in the community with support. All of the individuals are earning minimum wage or above. The DAC currently has community job sites throughout Winona County. Individuals work in various settings such as churches, local retail stores, and offices. Community sites are developed to match interests, skills, and strengths of each individual. The DAC staff helps with training, orientation, and work as a job coach to each individual to insure the quality of work performed meets the employers’ standards.

The Winona DAC also offers programming that focuses on in-center work opportunities, social/recreation activities, and physical therapy. These programs give the individuals the opportunity to work with the assistance of a job coach as well. Currently, the number of participants working in-center and earning a paycheck is 92%.

You will find a much more in-depth understanding of each of the individualized programs the DAC offers under the “Programs” section.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Winona County DAC, or attending please contact:

  • Staci Gricius

  • 452-1798 ext: 123