A number of locally based companies partner with the DAC to provide in-center based employment opportunities to the DAC.  These include the assembly of electrical pendants, button sets, DVD’s, book sets, county informational packets, pens, name tag clips, pencil sets, music book sets, bulk mailings, packaging, shrink wrapping, bird feeders, and various other products.

This production is closely supervised by well-trained DAC staff creating a level of output to the exact demands of the company’s expectations and quality standards.  A timely completion of all products is guaranteed based on the company’s requirements. The DAC is equipped to pick up and deliver work with a cube truck. A loading dock was added several years ago to make pick-ups and deliveries a breeze.

Local companies are encouraged to contact the DAC for a free quote on any of their production jobs.  We accept both long-term and short-term jobs.  The DAC will complete 50 – 100 pieces of your work for free in order to perform a time study to give you the lowest possible price quote.  Our goal is to establish a positive working relationship with local businesses that is mutually beneficial.

Utilizing the DAC saves your business from hiring temporary workers and the cost to train new employees.  The DAC covers all workers compensation and pays FICA expenses, saving you even more.  We encourage employers and the general public to visit the DAC to see our abilities in action!

Interested in partnering with the Winona DAC for your businesses needs? Please contact:

  • Andy McGrory

  • 452-1798 ext: 126

  • amcgrory@winonadac.org