Physical Therapy is an important aspect for many of the individuals who attend the DAC. At this time, we have 45 individuals who are on an exercise or PT program here at the DAC. Our staff have been instructed on several physical therapy routines for the individuals that are prescribed by a doctor or physical therapist. Our staff work together with the individual to ensure the steps are taken to fulfill the requirements as prescribed by the health professional in a safe and conducive manner.

We have many options for PT and exercise including: riding stationary bikes, walking on a treadmill or on our outdoor track (weather permitting), steps on the elliptical, resistance bands (for stretching and improvement of range of motion), strength training machines, a punching bag, and even a NuStep machine. Out of all the machines we have here, the NuStep seems to be the most sought after for exercise by the individuals. The NuStep is a great cardio workout for our individuals, as well as a strength training machine. It works arms, legs, and abdominal muscles all at the same time.