The DAC provides transportation for most of all our individuals who attend the DAC. Our fleet has 4 buses, 1 15-passengar van and a total of 6 mini vans/SUV’s. Each of our buses have 10 passenger seats and 3 wheelchair placements. One of the wheelchair placements is a fold up/down seat which means the bus can convert to a 12 passenger bus with 2 wheelchair placements if needed. Each vehicle is used on a daily basis to help with transporting our individuals to and from the DAC, community job sites, or recreational activities. Outside of Winona we travel to St. Charles and on the ridge tops in Winona County.

For questions or concerns on transportation please contact:

  • Brenda Volkman

  • 452-1798 ext: 122


Emergency Weather Policy Regarding Transportation

Unfortunately it is that time of the year again. Below is our updated Emergency Weather Policy for the 2019-2020 winter season.

Winona County DAC has established this safety program that establishes guidelines for the prevention of cold weather exposure, and protection from severe weather for effected employees.  This Emergency Weather Policy goes into effect in any area where a weather emergency has been declared.

Adverse driving conditions means snow or ice, or unusual road and traffic conditions none of which were apparent at the time the dispatch times were set.

Winona County DAC never closes completely even during adverse weather conditions or emergency conditions and the DAC is committed to maintaining full service levels to the extent that is possible. Winona County DAC may delay early morning  services with weather permitting.

Winona DAC will make its own decisions and announcements about the operations of its workplace under adverse weather and other emergency conditions.  The Director will determine and announce all decisions to close, delay or cancel activities due to adverse weather or emergency conditions.   The Transportation Manager is responsible for monitoring evolving weather or other emergency conditions of our effective area.  If conditions deteriorate,  the Director and Transportation Manager will make changes about altering Winona DAC operations.

Winona DAC has implemented into the policy, due to winter weather conditions a -10 and/or -25 wind chill, or a wind chill advisory is placed, we will not pick up individuals that are in wheelchairs or individuals with walkers that will need to use the lift for assistance.

House staff will be notified if there are any cancellations due to weather and will also be notified if conditions develop during the course of the day and individuals will be transported home earlier than normal scheduled drop off.

If House Staff transport Individuals in from areas that we are not doing the transporting,  it will be the expectation that House Staff will transport their Individuals home.